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Dr. O’Grady conducts keynote presentations and workshops, designs curriculum and does coach training for health professionals and patients, and groups of any kind on the topic of revolutionizing self care or the coaching method. She has spoken at Universities, schools, temples, parishes, non-profits, for-profits, and individual homes. She has designed and taught several graduate level courses on coaching.

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  • Wed

    Promoting Well-Being During COVID: A Mother-Son Conversation

    12:00 pm

    FREE Webinar for any parent interested in raising kids with a high degree of belonging, competence and self regulation.    Click HERE to register.

    A mother and her adult son raised with the PEP principles in parenting will discuss strategies to promote belonging, competence and connection during this extraordinary and difficult time for families. Featuring Eileen O'Grady, Nurse Practitioner, Wellness Coach, and longtime PEP parent with her son Liam Zeya.



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