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02 October 2012

Consult your Teenage Self

Consult Your Teenage Self to Find Your Power
The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.
 —Carl Jung
Having power is having integrity of the soul. This requires that you regularly express your best self.  If something is getting in the way of that integrity, ask yourself, if I met my 17 year-old self on the street today, would s/he be proud of who I’ve become?
We humans are the only species on the planet that can refuse to be who we are.  The snake slithers, the bird flies, but we humans can close off important aspects of ourselves.  We must not allow busy-ness, somebody else or the way we learned to manage stress hijack, who we were meant to be.
If your teenage version of yourself is not proud of who your adult self has become, keep digging, keep asking, and consider making adjustments to make that teenager proud.  This is one way to find who you are meant to be.
A client had an extensive work-up for unspecific, painful abdominal complaints with no conclusive diagnosis.   When he recognized that he was in a career his father wanted for him which did not suit him and he had no affection for, he leaned his ladder on a different tree and began training for the career he always dreamed of.  His abdominal complaints abated. So don’t let the endless to-do list of life limit or confine who you are supposed to be.  Strengthen the integrity of your soul, check in with your teenage self  to deploy your best self and make sure it is fully expressed.
A person often meets his destiny on the road
he took to avoid it.
 —Jean de La Fontaine, French Poet 1621-1695

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