Wellness Pearls

11 March 2013

Quiet Courage and Learning How to be Silent

A Parable on How to Fix What May be All Wrong

A friend of mine had a sudden revelation that he didn’t want to go into his office, he hated his job. After being promoted out of his vocation, solving software problems, he was now an executive, managing projects, people, and politics and earning more money than he ever imagined. This truth, that he was in the wrong job, hit him when he found a place to be quiet, walking his dog. Soon after, without another position lined up and a family to support, he told his boss he was leaving, but was encouraged to stay until the next round of bonuses were delivered in a few months. Here is where a tidal wave of courage came in: despite a plan B or even a prospect, and a gnawing fear of scarcity, he left his job knowing that he would likely never see these earnings again. He soon found a position that really interested him, with a far lower salary but the work was meaningful. He is now reporting vastly improved relationships with his loved ones, more confidence, a strong sense of well-being, little stress and fear, and he is taking more risks. His experience with silence allowed him to get close to who he was and how he lost his way, to see the truth. He garnered the quiet courage to quit without knowing what the future would bring. There was a trusting in the uncertainty and unknowns. He generously attributes his insight and life change to his dog but I will have none of that. He made acquaintance with silence which allowed him to SEE what was most wrong in his life. His job was making him fearful and unfulfilled.

PS: The new job has become so successful, he is now earning more than the previous job.

You can’t be brave if you’ve only had wonderful things happen to you. —Mary Tyler Moore.

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