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12 March 2024

When Does it Happen?

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

– Pablo Picasso (Spanish cubist painter, 1881-1973)

A middle school teacher posed a simple question to his class: “Who can sing?” Not a single hand went up. “Who can draw?” Again, not a single hand.  His students  declared their lack of talent or capacity for such activities. Perplexed, the teacher sought answers in a nearby kindergarten class. The response was strikingly different. “Who can sing?” Every hand shot up. “Who can draw?” Once more, every tiny hand went up.

Somewhere between the ages of 6 and 12, these children lost their creative innocence—their curiosity, imagination, and openness.  Innocence is not synonymous with naivety or gullibility; rather, it represents a desirable state that embodies freshness and resists cynicism. As many of us approach our second adulthood, rediscovering our creativity becomes a means to keep our minds open and flexible.

Engaging in creativity can have a profound impact on our physical and mental well-being, acting as a shield against toxic stress and the uncontrollable challenges life throws our way. This poignant story deeply resonated with me, and tears welled up as I absorbed its implications.

 Thanks to Greg Crumpley, middle school  teacher  for sharing this story with us last week during Wellness Week in Costa Rica.

Wellbeing Resources

Bike-Barge Wellness Week In  the Netherlands?

The School of Wellness is considering chartering a barge boat in Amsterdam in 2025 or 2026.  This would involve biking 15- 30 miles a day (E-bikes available) for an all-inclusive Wellness Week leaving from and returning to Amsterdam.  We are determining level of interest out there. No firm plans or dates.  If you would be interested in joining something like this, please email here. Or respond to BLOG below.

Get Good at Repairing Relationships

Repair builds trust in ALL relationships. While this TED talk is geared towards parenting, it has wide use application for repairing all relationship disconnects and is the fastest way to build trust.

10 Burning Questions for John Wooden

Arguably one of the best basketball coaches of all time, he developed players  as whole human beings.  Solid team unity wisdom applicable to all leaders.   My favorite?  “If everybody agreed on everything, it would be a very dull, monotonous world.” Full Interview here

Banish Bad Meetings

While many don’t have resources for off-sites, these are great ideas on how to make meetings more functional from Claire Hughes Johnson, author of Scaling People.

Most Adorable Hotline

Peptoc Hotline features pre-recorded life advice and encouraging messages from the students at West Side Elementary, a K-6th public school in rural Healdsburg, California.


1 if you’re frustrated
2 for life advice
3 pep-talks by kindergarteners
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5 pep talks in Spanish
6 for how awesome you look
7 bonus advice

Stay WELL,   Eileen  

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