School of Wellness

Our Vision 

Individuals will choose wellness through building and promoting self empowerment, resiliency and kindness at the center of who they are and what they do.

Our Mission

The School of Wellness is devoted to providing practical tools that inspire, support and empower individuals, teams and organizations to  choose and practice wellness through  building resilience, mindfulness and agility  as  foundations  for well-being.

The Business Case for the School of Wellness in your Organization

We work with businesses and organizations of all kinds, to function better individually and together. Since people are the most expensive and valuable asset of any company or organization, we believe that the health of the workforce and cultivating wisdom are the keys to performance and engagement.
Our programs are built around core areas that are  based on scientific findings that lead to thriving in the workplace. 

Our programs are based on decades of experience in working with individuals and groups across the United States and the World. We focus on bringing about deep change in mindset and behavior to help employees overcome obstacles or those behaviors that no longer serve them. Our learning experiences promote greater wisdom and lower reactivity to stress , drawing on knowledge from positive psychology, industrial psychology, adult development, nursing, medicine, philosophy and psychology. We believe that these ideas, when embodied, lead to high level wellness.