School of Wellness

Our Why

We are offering individual coaching and education programs that promote high level self-regulation because what is being offered in the larger health care system including mental health is incomplete and fragmented, and tilted towards illness and brokenness. High level wellness is an inside job achieved through self-awareness, setting intentions, taking charge of our mindsets, and taking action through self-regulation. We built a curriculum which incorporates the science of habit formation, goal attainment, emotional intelligence, growing old VS.growing wise and mature so that individuals can lead themselves and others more effectively.

Our Mission

The School of Wellness is devoted to promoting the practice of extreme self-care so that people can reach their greatest potential. Its core mission is to apply the science of self-leadership, human caring and flourishing to help people avoid toxic stress and lifestyles in order to sidestep hosting preventable chronic illnesses and all of the limitations they bring. This School is committed to using evidence and self-awareness to promote broadly defined wellness and address issues such as how to differentiate self-care from selfishness, how to not be enslaved by stress and all of the consequences of it, how to locate ones North Star, deal effectively with difficult others, how to set personal policies, how to use the science of habit formation and achieve mastery over the regulation of the self, how to cultivate wisdom and resilience and how better to deploy the evidence on what it takes to undergo long term, intentional change and flourish as a human being.

The School of Wellness offers workshops and retreats designed to give people hands on experience with tools that build the motivation and resilience needed to flourish. Transformative and highly interactive, they will help attendees grow what matters most and drop that which is not serving them. Workshops include interesting theories, ideas, frameworks, research and ancient wisdom, applicable to our modern life. There is a strong caring lens from nursing science on all that we do.

The School of Wellness offers a curriculum which encourages us to step back and think intelligently about the central priorities in our lives, why we are here, the path are we on and where we want to go. No one will ever be cornered by dogma, but will be offered ideas that will exercise, stimulate and expand their minds in an atmosphere of exploration and enjoyment. Any person who is healthy, creative and resourceful, yet may feel out of control and life is not being lived to its fullest will benefit.  We will address the questions, “what is life asking of you?” and “how can I be better than I used to be?” This School is NOT for the severely mentally ill or for those who cannot describe their preferred future. It could be adjuvant to those in psychotherapy therapy/counseling/12 Step program, or as a stand-alone remedy for a life that feels out of balance.

The Business Case for the School of Wellness in your Organization

We work with businesses and organizations of all kinds, to function better individually and together. Since people are the most expensive and valuable asset of any company or organization, we believe that the health of the workforce and cultivating wisdom are the keys to performance and engagement.
Our programs are built around core areas that we believe based on scientific findings that lead to thriving in the workplace. For each content area we provide a 4 to 8 hour workshop delivered by our faculty, which can be tailored to specific needs.

Our programs are based on decades of experience in working with individuals and groups across the United States and the World. We focus on bringing about deep change in mindset and behavior to help employees overcome obstacles or those behaviors that no longer serve them. Our learning experiences promote greater wisdom and lower reactivity to stress drawing on knowledge from positive psychology, industrial psychology, adult development, nursing, philosophy and psychology. We believe that these workshops hold content that lead to high level wellness.