Eileen O'Grady

  Dr. Eileen O'Grady with Dr. Loretta Ford
Dr. Eileen O’Grady with Dr. Loretta Ford.  Dr. O’Grady is the recipient of the 2013 Loretta Ford Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Eileen T. O’Grady is a certified adult nurse practitioner who has practiced in primary care for over two decades. In that role she experienced a wide breadth and depth of humanity with disorders of the mind, body and spirit.

She has come to believe that what really prevents many of us from becoming well are lifestyles that do not support wholeness. The transformative change process is of great interest to her because she believes deeply that internal change leads to wellness, and that many disorders and diseases are entirely reversible with dramatic lifestyle change.

As a wellness coach, she helps people, through a relationship and intense listening, to answer ever-more deeper questions about their obstacles and creative ways to overcome them. Dr. O’Grady is passionate about working with people interested in living a life that they truly want.

She holds three graduate degrees from George Washington University and George Mason University in nursing as well as public health and a PhD in nursing.

She writes a blog, has edited 2 books, authored numerous book chapters and articles and has a busy public speaking calendar.

She was a 1999 U.S. Public Health Service Primary Care Policy Fellow and has received awards from the George Washington University for outstanding teaching. In addition, she has completed a series of courses at the Parent Encouragement Program, a practical, proven approach to childrearing based upon the Adlerian philosophy of mutual respect, shared responsibility, developing competence, and winning cooperation.

Eileen is currently a certified adult nurse practitioner licensed to practice in the District of Columbia and a certified Wellness Coach (through Wellcoaches, accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine) and certified Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation.   She lives outside of Washington DC with her husband and two teenage sons where she concentrates every day on living her own life and living it in balance…..

Dr. O’Grady is the recipient of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2013 Virginia Award for Excellence in Advocacy awarded in Las Vegas.
Visiting Professor Certificate of Appreciation
Dr. Tess Cappello (left), dean of the Marymount University School of Health Professions, presents Dr. Eileen O’Grady with a Distinguished Visiting Professor Certificate of Appreciation after Eileen presented the Malek lecture series, Promoting Generosity Toward the Self: A Life Well Lived.