I want her to come every week! I could have talked with her for hours!

The message was so timely and necessary. I love what she had to say because work-life balance has been such a major concern for me. This was the most useful and applicable seminar we’ve had in the program.

She was a dynamic speaker so she kept me engaged throughout.

I liked how Dr. O’Grady reminded us to find balance in our lives, how to de-stress, and that it is OK to take care of yourself first.

Eileen seemed to care that what she said mattered to us.

Seminar attendees at the George Washington University School of Nursing

Eileen O’Grady provided invaluable, inspirational info – data that shows ethical imperative in self care.

We need more of Eileen O’Grady, she is exceptional.

Most beneficial part of the summit: Eileen’s talk. Great wisdom in “coaching” patients to change behaviors. How to engage our patients to promote change.

I found Eileen O’Grady’s presentation to be especially intriguing. She was incredible/inspirational

Dr. O’Grady provided thought-provoking ideas to integrate in my current practice.

Attendees at the Bon Secours Health System, Advanced Practice Summit in Richmond Virginia

Eileen was fantastic! Great message, delivered clearly and effectively. Eileen is a terrific speaker with an important message.

Excellent presentation. Nice to take a few minutes to think about life, etc. Great table talk as well. People were really engaged and Eileen is very genuine.

Dr. O’Grady provided excellent take aways and relevant to all
This for me was all about PERSONAL development, but useful and wonderful. She is a fantastic session leader.

Attendees at the Annual ASAE Convention in Detroit

Eileen is an amazing speaker and gifted clinician. To be honest, I didn’t find the quality of many of the sessions I attended to be what I expected, but Eileen is consistently fresh and inspiring.

Great session from a generous soul.
Outstanding….real life interventions that we can implement immediately!

Attendees at the National Nurse Practitioner Symposium Keystone Colorado

Long term, hearing Dr. O’Grady’s talk on Fierce Conversations may be one of the most useful talks I have ever attended.

I would go to any class she teaches- she has the right mindset on wellness and health.

She is an outstanding presenter, packed with wisdom and pearls, very engaging.

Attendees of the National Conference for Nurse Practitioners, in Nashville

Loved her sense of humor and the way she broke up a set of complex issues into a manageable method of changing behavior, setting goals, etc…

Really appreciated her presentation style. I loved that it was interactive and lively. She gave us a lot to think about..

Loved the list of books and websites for follow up….

Attendees at the American Society of Association Executives , (ASAE) Luncheon series

A scintillating expert in her field, a fantastic, engaging speaker who reframed wellness in a new way for me. I left ready to make changes in my life.
A very inspiring speaker- It is unusual to have the keynote speaker bring the “total package” of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration.

Attendees at the 27th Annual Nurse Practitioner conference, NY

The energy and optimism that Dr. O’Grady brought to the topic of life transitions was outstanding, and very much appreciated. Like a breath of fresh air! She was the most dynamic speaker at the conference, Fabulous! Came away all fired-up and feeling fresh about launching my new business venture. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Eileen is a most engaging speaker. She is innovative and creative in her thinking. I really liked her ideas and can see how she guides lots of people to maximize their potential and live a productive life.

Attendees at The End-of-Life Care Institute, The George Washington University

Dr. O’Grady is an amazing speaker and I want to hear more of her. She is inspiring and has a way of connecting ideas that made me think about my own life and how I neglect areas of my life that are important to me.

She is a very strong public speaker with her own unique, stimulating and very edgy way. I would come back to this conference just to hear her again

Attendees at the Nurse Practitioner Symposium at Copper Mountain after the Keynote presentation

Dr. O’Grady presented an interactive lecture for faculty and community members. I looked at my watch to see how much time remained we had because it seemed like it was the middle of her lecture. To my surprise, it was time for it to be over. The audience was still completely engaged. A week later, I continue to hear tidbits from the lecture about life changing activities. Personally, my take home was, “self-care is not selfishness.”

Dr. Marlene Huff, Dean and Director, School of Nursing, The University of Akron