Dr. O’Grady presented an interactive lecture for faculty and community members. I looked at my watch to see how much time remained we had because it seemed like it was the middle of her lecture. To my surprise, it was time for it to be over. The audience was still completely engaged. A week later, I continue to hear tidbits from the lecture about life changing activities. Personally, my take home was, “self-care is not selfishness.”

Dr. Marlene Huff, Associate Dean and Director, School of Nursing, The University of Akron 

The 18th Annual Distinguished Lecture Series, April, 2016  

before and after

I was given 6 months of wellness coaching over the phone as a birthday gift. I had been a plus-size since high school and when I started speaking with Eileen, I was a size 26 and weighed 277 lbs. My first call to Eileen, well, it was a life changer. I don’t know what I was expecting, but when I hung up the phone after just an hour with her, I was in tears. This women, whom I never met, and lived thousands of miles away in Mclean Virginia, was able to figure me out entirely. She could sense in me a willingness to explore who I was, and whom I wanted to be. She could hear the love I had to give, yet also the pain that had been driving my reckless and selfish behaviors. That first call, back in September of 2013, was the beginning of the end. An end to the world as I knew it, and the beginning to more happiness and love then I could ever imagine.

The first few sessions were all about a nutrition change. Completely overhauling my eating habits and putting me on a path towards a healthy life. Right away she offered me the tools I needed which inspired my intellect with science. She recommended scientifically-based books about fat and by the time I had my second call with Eileen, I had already thrown away the entire contents of my kitchen cabinet, trading processed foods for whole foods, Frozen Pizza for a spinach salad. And this way of life has shown immediate and lasting results. As you may notice in this photo, through her coaching, and my education in the act of self-love, I got acquainted with myself. What an amazing gift to wake up every morning, knowing I have become the women I want to be. I lost 80 lbs in 6 months working with Eileen.
—Lawrell, 26, Pre-Press Technician

Eileen taught me how establish and maintain my daily routine of self care. I learned from her that until I take of myself, I can’t take care of others and achieve my goals. As a result of her coaching, I was able to get my career and personal life back on track. She didn’t just tell me what to do; instead, she gave me the tools that work for me. Eileen helped me help myself and I am incredibly grateful to her for the positive changes in my life. My successes are a direct result of her professional coaching skills and expertise. Eileen’s approach is compassionate and yields results

Victoria, 45, Compliance Professional and Single Mother

Thank you for the incredible job you did in helping me with my weight loss and lifestyle change. I was very impressed with what you had to say on NPR but you far exceeded my expectations with your approach in person. It is still incredible to me how successful we were in such a short period of time by focusing on using my personal strengths to accomplish my goals. I appreciated all of the videos, books, blogs, and personal strengths tests which you incorporated at no additional cost to me. I really don’t see how people could fail using your system if they have at least a moderate desire to change. If you chose to focus on weight loss you could probably be a major player in the industry. I will certainly use your services again if I need a life coach in any capacity.

Dirk Woods, MD, Emergency Medicine Physician, Oregon

The coaching I received from Eileen helped me to align my life with what is important to me. She helped me to break down what seemed to be overwhelming challenges that I may have backed down from without her insights, support and guidance. By taking small steps I was able to change the direction of my life and not shut down from fear. I am grateful she showed up in my world when she did.

Maureen, Nurse Practitioner, NY

Eileen’s philosophy of extreme self-care has opened so many doors. I am healthier and much more fit than a year ago. I try to pass the self care mantra on to others. I credit Eileen with leading me in a very positive direction when I was sinking into a rut. She certainly has a gift.

Carrie, 50, Artist, Texas

As a result of three months’ work with Eileen O’Grady, the quality of my life has improved. Eileen takes a nonjudgmental, individualized approach that enables me to identify what I really want. We work together to develop strategies to reach my goals and to change unwanted habits that interfere with what I really want. The result is I have experienced more success in my life. I have developed an appreciation for the many gifts life has for me and found more joy.

Al, 57, Musician

Sometimes I didn’t know how Eileen understood my ramblings, but she was able to give me insight in ways I’ve never thought before. Since we never met face to face, I felt comfortable sharing myself with her and was able to voice my thoughts clearer. We created a vision for my life to be aligned with who I am; where before I met her I was having a hard time figuring out who I was or what I wanted. I only knew I was going downhill. The first day we spoke, I told her “I’m a mess” and she told me by the end of three months, that I would not describe myself that way. With her help, I was able to chip away the parts of myself that were weighing me down and help free the parts I love.

Emma, 40, Writer, Texas

Eileen changed my life, but she would tell you that I did it myself. Using gentle, yet probing questions, she helped me see all the places I was stuck. Since it was by phone, I felt more comfortable opening up and saying things I had never told anybody else. We created a beautiful vision for my future, which I am now living. Her way of showing me strengths in one part of my life could apply to my choices about diet and exercise was a real “ah-ha” moment.

Andrea, 32, Public Relations, Maryland

Eileen is a great wellness coach. Her energy, encouragement,commitment and health care experience allowed us to create concrete personal goals which really ring true for me — I got clarity on what was important to me and what I wanted to accomplish. Her coaching helped me realize I can get what I want from life and that I needed to define and be in action on my life goals. I highly recommend Eileen as a wellness coach–get in action on your life goals – you won’t regret it.

Mark, 51, Technology Consultant, San Francisco

Finally, I am on a new path, thanks to the skill, guidance, compassion, and wisdom of Eileen O’Grady. I met with her over the phone for an hour every two weeks over a three month period. Her guidance was always right on point and more importantly, realistic, emphasizing moderation rather than restriction (which would have doomed me to failure). Her holistic approach to wellness embraced my body, mind and spirit. With Eileen’s help, I have made a sustainable lifestyle shift. I would recommend Eileen without question to anyone who is interested in making a lifestyle change. She has deep and broad expertise, good humor, wisdom and Compassion.

Linda, 49, Professor, Maryland