Personal Philosophy of Health and Wellness

Practicing Wellness Rather than Treating Symptoms

self knowlegde

During two decades as a primary care provider, I wrote prescriptions by the fistful as it is customarily done, to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety and diabetes, to name a few. From that experience, I believe that what we are doing in traditional health care is not working, that people are getting sick and sicker because of unhealthy lifestyles that do not support wellness.

Most people do not need information, but rather a deeper degree of self-knowledge, inspiration and support through the transformative change process. Our current medical model is illness-oriented in the extreme and for many chronic illnesses, the only armament it offers is prescription medication. While medications are hugely important in mitigating the effects of chronic illness, I also believe that most chronic illnesses can be treated or entirely reversed with self-awareness–emancipatory self knowledge and dramatic and sustained lifestyle change.

Extreme Self Care: The Capacity to Live Well is Already Within Us.

extreme self care
The top rated causes of death and disability are often entirely preventable or even reversible with dramatic, sustained lifestyle change, a truth that is rarely said out loud. In order for us to commit to and then pursue a lifestyle that makes us truly whole, we need to make some decisions that reflect what we cherish most. Most of us had experiences in our lives that required an intense resolve or fierce bravery in overcoming obstacles.

I believe we can build on previous experiences that bring forth our best selves and apply them to the wellness arena. Once we learn how to practice extreme self care, we are able to give more to those that we love, to our communities, and to pursue things that excite us. In my role as a wellness coach, I am trained to listen intensely and help people develop a wellness vision and then hold that vision as they move towards it. I have an unwavering commitment to successful transformative lifestyle change.

Inheritance from Nursing: Live a Life in Balance


I use a wellness coaching method that employs an evidence-based approach to transformative change. Through my own experiences and struggles, I have learned how to live my life in a way that fully supports wellness. I feel fully alive and whole (most of the time) and strive everyday to live a life in balance and I want to extend what I have learned to others.

In addition to wellness coaching, I use a strong human caring approach from my foundation as a nurse practitioner. I know that human caring is a powerful tool and that I am committed to partnering with individuals to find deeper meaning in their lives and clarify their most cherished values through the illness ordeal or through making needed changes in their lives. I will provide persistent support in partnering with you to reach your goals through mutual engagement, warmth, humor, honesty and occasional fierceness.

Cultivating an environment that encourages people interested in sustained lifestyle change to dig deeply without fear, guilt, shame or lecturing is a fundamental responsibility of a wellness coach. I believe that most people are deeply committed to becoming whole and living a life that supports wellness and need only expanded awareness and support to do so. Having deep conversations with people and listening intensely to what people want most of all is the key to aligning what we value most with what we do everyday.