Immersion Workshops/Retreats/Off Sites

Eileen is trained in Liberating Structures which are designed to unleash and liberate everyone in the group.  Some of the best ideas come from unexpected sources and using these designs with groups helps to tap into the often-unseen intelligence of groups.   We can design pre- or post-conference events, off-sites, on- sites, on-line or in-person events that include and engage all participants.  We do not let people engage in unproductive behavior, revert to bad habits or talk too much.  No more death by PowerPoint.  We use structures that liberate and by distributing the power of everyone, clarity emerges rapidly.

Since the pandemic has upended “normal”,  we have an opportunity to recreate a better future and redefine work life and a new and better normal.

Creating Healthy Team (or crew) Norms (2 hours to 2 days)

for people who work together

If you want your teams to tap into the top of their intelligence, they must be included in designing how their team ( or short term crews) could function (in a healthier more productive way), while meeting the specs of the job (e.g caring for the patients, delivering product, satisfying customers).   We can custom co-create a workshop focused on well-being to:

  • Stop blaming leaders or each other for failures
  • Create highly accountable and reliable teams
  • Engage people in their own future
  • Create space for good ideas to emerge and germinate
  • Liberate everyone from deadly boring meetings
  • Connect the deciders with the do-ers.

Choosing Wellness:
Resilience in any Situation 
(2 hours to 2 days)

for groups who share a common identity but do not necessarily work in teams, e.g, trauma nurses, lawyers, librarians

If you are concerned about the level of stress and anxiety that the people in your group are experiencing, and as a result, are concerned about their health and wellbeing, this workshop is for you.  We can directly engage and include all members on the following, for example:

  • How to put ourselves in the center of our lives (not in a selfish way)
  • Stop neglecting ourselves and ask for what we need
  • Create our own docking station
  • Engage in difficult conversations
  • Triage the most difficult others in our life to protect our peace
  • Unleash the tenets of bedrock behaviors and habit science
  • Or any other problem you would like to explore


 In addition to knowing how to engage groups through participation, Eileen can still deliver a highly engaging keynote (or endnote) for your conference.  As an expert on intentional change and wellbeing in its broadest sense, she can customize a talk to directly address how wellness is a choice and a core leadership capacity.  As we can’t pour from an empty cup, much of leadership is managing ourselves and our  energy as well  as the energy of others. 

Contact Eileen for customized wellness/well-being programs to fit your context.


School of Wellness Manifesto: 

Anything but boring. Eileen and the team draw on decades of experience in health care and use  real world experience and direct and energetic speaking styles to bring events to vibrancy.  Each program is custom created and packed with practical   examples and relevant and meaningful application.  All programs avoid death by PowerPoint, rather are inclusive, engaging , interactive  and way more fun than you would even think is possible.

No cookie cutter solutions.  The School of Wellness reaches your organization and industry to break out of old patterns and harness the potential of the group.  Participants will leave with solutions to their challenges that they create. 

Practice Agility.  All School of Wellness programs range in length from two hours to two days and or a series of multiple sessions delivered on a schedule that works for your organization.

 You will be contacted after this is reviewed to set up an exploratory call with Eileen.