Programs for the General Public/Workforce

Mastering the Self

Learn actionable tools to masterfully lead the self, regulate the self and reduce stress. Build your own emotional intelligence skills and recognize patterns in our own lives that need interruption. Explore models on how to achieve “balance.”

Content areas include Positive psychology, The Blue Zones, prioritization techniques, building bedrock behaviors, boundary setting, intentional change, goal setting and goal attainment science

Master Dealing with Difficult Others

Learn pragmatic ways to identify and remedy different types of difficult people using triage to accurately name drama patterns. Deploy proven techniques to lower our reactivity to the most challenging people among us.
Content areas include the corrosive nature of accommodating, avoiding or attacking difficult people. Emphasis on bullies, and the 5 ways to recognize them, with effective ways to shut it down. Triaging other less toxic but difficult others include emotional vampires and power struggles and with effective ways to lower our reactive to these difficult others.

Dignity as a Practice

Review key elements of dignity, how to maintain it and how avoid dignity violations. Learn to bring wholeness and clarity to the most commonly witnessed dignity violations. Respond with emotional courage to name demeaning practices and face the world with a strong and consistent set of principles and behaviors that bring dignity on teams, with costumers or patients.
Content areas include the 10 essential elements of dignity as well as 10 ways that dignity gets violated. Compassion fatigue, burnout, lack of autonomy, and emotional residue will be emphasized n the contact of dignity.

Cultivating Wisdom and Resiliency

Explore ways to use individual strengths in new ways, how adults become wise and how and why we get stuck. Emphasize what growing into maturity looks like and footholds to cultivate each person’s growth into wisdom. Once we have this, we can manage more complexity and react less to stress.
Content areas Include adaptive problem solving, polarity management, resiliency building, and adult development stages (self-authorship).

Coaching as an Interpersonal Skill

Learn how the coaching model is different from “education” and how it can be deployed in all different interactions. This way of engaging others creates psychologically spacious conversations and is proven to greatly enhance engagement with others. Ideal for people who are in conversation or problem-solving with others for the most part of their work life.
Content areas include stages of change, requirements for coaching including curiosity, inquiry, using strengths, positive regard, de-emphasizing expertise, and an introduction to the coaching methodology.

Change your Story: Make it Good

We humans tell ourselves stories and sometimes the headlines of these narratives can be quite mean and untrue. We learn to uncover our most limiting stories to replace them with narrative headlines that is accurate and good for us. This workshop will use the tenants of cognitive behavioral therapy- to help attendees re-write their own narrative that allows for positive growth.
Content areas include how to identify and corral the inner critic, why we tell ourselves stories as a species, and unpacks cognitive-behavioral therapy skills to use on ourselves so that our narrative is expansive and growth-promoting.

Using Metaphor to Problem Solve

By selecting a problem that you have not yet been able to resolve or a question you have not been able to answer using your usual means of problem-solving, this workshops uses metaphor to create breakthroughs. Using metaphor as a creative technique, learners will be engaged in a process that promotes new ways of seeing solutions. It is limited to 25 people.
Content areas include learning how to use and trust metaphors to creatively problem-solve.

Dominate Your Life: Entering Adulthood
For Emerging/Young Adults

This is offered for older teenagers (>17-24) and college age adults who are transitioning to adulthood. This unique transition becomes the backdrop on how to self-regulate, build emotional intelligence, form habits, set and attain goals, build a strong tribe, avoid procrastination and cultivate resiliency when adversity hits. The workshop will also address individual concerns as they emerge from attendees.

Getting in Right Relationship with Food

This class will discuss common myths about overweight /obesity and introduce emerging science on how to best interrupt disordered eating patterns. Issues such as food addiction, binging, cravings, emotional eating, brain plasticity, and how to interrupt these patterns will be explored. Each person will leave with a deeper understanding of themselves and several remedies to improve their relationship with eating.

How to Find your North Star

As Nietzsche said, “He who has a great why to live can bear any HOW.” This class will explore the North Star as a wholesome and vital metaphor for setting an intention and direction in life. Identifying ones North Star is what matters most and will be different for each of us. We cannot sleep walk our way to our highest potential. We must pay attention and identify a course of direction as it is too easy get entangled in the “to-do” list of life. Learn to identify the North Star, create an internal compass and dedication to it. Strategies around meaning making, “pain management” and what to do when lost will be discussed.

Designing Down Time

Original, evidence-based solutions are weaved into this seminar after a brief survey of the typical stress load/ role strain experienced by attendees. Solutions could include using CEO strategies across one’s entire life (managing time, engaging in important conversations, taking the aerial view, not taking things personally and living our priorities). This session will break persistent patterns around chronic stress using science and wisdom to cultivate a more self-authored, less reactive stance.

These topics  offer Contact hours for nurses and can be brought into your venue/workplace/organization.

Here’s to a Great Life Workshop Series  (60 minutes to 2.5 hours)

Here’s to a Great Life Workshop Series: Got New Year’s Resolutions? How to Make Them Stick

Do you find yourself setting goals, only to once again be disappointed that you did not achieve them? Learn the immediately useful science on how successful people set and achieve their most important goals. You will leave with proven tools and strategies that will help you to stay on course. Willpower is not enough for successful goal attainment. Gain knowledge on how to locate your North Star, how habit formation actually occurs and more. Take away specific action steps to reach your most desired goals and aspirations. Make that New Year’s Resolution stick, no matter what time of the year it is!

Mastering “ME”

Life places unrelenting demands on our time and resources and often our own needs go untended, leaving us feeling stressed and unfulfilled. Learn about actionable tools to take control over what you can, including how to practice extreme self-care, despite unrelenting demand. Explore the elements of well-being, identify the traps that pull you in all directions and add stress to your life. We will look at the differences between self-care and selfishness, identify bedrock behaviors, and learn tools to set boundaries that allow us to reduce stress and live a purposeful life. You will create new boundaries, commit to self-serving behaviors and identify an accountability partner to keep you moving forward with intention and less stress

He Did What? Dealing with Difficult People

We all encounter difficult people whether it’s at work, at home, on social media and more. We often employ ineffective strategies such as avoidance to get out of it as soon as possible. But learning how to interact with the difficult people in our lives greatly reduces stress and leads to high level wellness. You will learn pragmatic ways to identify and triage the various types difficult others, including toxicity, emotional vampires, power struggles, and bullies, using proven techniques. Knowing how to interact with difficult people and remedy the unwanted behavior in our lives greatly reduces corrosive stress, and leads to high level wellness.

The Art and Science of Getting Unstuck: Demystifying Change

Many of us find ourselves in unwanted jobs or relationships, but the task of effecting change can be daunting. Explore your desired goals that up until now you have bene unable to reach and identify what is sabotaging your best intentions. We will uncover the hidden forces that hold you back and behaviors that will have you looking forward to change. We will help you create a detailed plan to overcome stuck behavior, identify an accountability plan, and move you towards your most desired goals. Come to class with a desired goal that so far is unattainable.

Here’s to a Great Life: Need EVIDENCE?

This all day experience incorporates all 4 workshop offerings above in one day.

All of us are faced with difficulties and challenges that can test our resilience and impede or ability to live a happy and fulfilling life. Reaching one’s greatest potential requires gathering motivation and resilience tools that you can use to navigate healthfully through trying times. You will explore theories and practices that energize you, help you say “YES” to what is important and “NO” to the things that drain you. You will distinguish between self-care and selfishness, and learn how to set and attain your own goals, how to use your strengths more creatively, build your emotional intelligence, and rebalance your life when it goes off kilter. Making long lasting, intentional change in life requires applying strong and personalized evidence-based tools. These become immediately useful in habit formation. Ample time for discussion will be provided.

This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Approved to award up to 8 CNE through 2/12/2020 AHNA approval #1327. Approval for contact hours through the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) is based on an assessment of the educational merit of this program and does not constitute endorsement of the use of any specific modality in the care of clients.