Courses Offered

These topics will be offered by Dr. O’Grady or can be brought into your venue/workplace/organization.

WORKSHOPS (60 minutes to 2.5 hours)

Getting in Right Relationship with Food

This class will discuss common myths about overweight /obesity and introduce emerging science on how to best interrupt disordered eating patterns. Issues such as food addiction, binging, cravings, emotional eating, brain plasticity, and how to interrupt these patterns will be explored. Each person will leave with a deeper understanding of themselves and several remedies to improve their relationship with eating.

How to Find your North Star

As Nietzsche said, “He who has a great why to live can bear any HOW.” This class will explore the North Star as a wholesome and vital metaphor for setting an intention and direction in life. Identifying ones North Star is what matters most and will be different for each of us. We cannot sleep walk our way to our highest potential. We must pay attention and identify a course of direction as it is too easy get entangled in the “to-do” list of life. Learn to identify the North Star, create an internal compass and dedication to it. Strategies around meaning making, “pain management” and what to do when lost will be discussed.

Designing Down Time

Original, evidence-based solutions are weaved into this seminar after a brief survey of the typical stress load/ role strain experienced by attendees. Solutions could include using CEO strategies across one’s entire life (managing time, engaging in important conversations, taking the aerial view, not taking things personally and living our priorities). This session will break persistent patterns around chronic stress using science and wisdom to cultivate a more self-authored, less reactive stance.

Communications for the 21st Century

This seminar will explore the science and strategies on how to say anything to anybody, at any time with candor and grace. Any human life includes difficult conversations and we run into trouble when we avoid, attack or over-accommodate. Mastering the life skill of entering difficult conversations while preserving the relationships, requires the adoption of guiding principles. Emphasis will be on harvesting the YES, serving the NO, skillful use of silence, non-violent communication, and maintaining one’s own dignity as well as others at all times.

Dealing with Bullies, A**holes, Jerks, Toxic People

Emphasis will be placed on identifying the truly dysfunctional and difficult people wo are in a class by their own and require an entirely different and highly specific skill set. Bullies, A**holes, Jerks and Toxic People are not merely annoying, they are difficult on purpose and have no regard for others, fairness or logic. As they attempt to control and blame others, attendees will be given proven techniques to shut down the jerk and protect yourself and others around you. Attendees will leave armed with the ability to recognize the most difficult people and deploy verbal and nonverbal tools to stop the bully.

Building Habits: Lessons from the Masters

How people change their minds and create helpful habits rests on a solid evidence base. Here you will learn the science of habit formation (stopping negative ones and starting new ones require different skills) and goal attainment. When beginning any intentional change, there are predicable stages of change that require distinct strategies that are different for each. There are strategies that cultivate motivation and help people reach their most important priorities. Emphasis will be placed on how to direct our brains, determine why we don’t change, the power of planning, shutting down the inner critic, and how to build in effective accountability.

How Adults Mature

This seminar provides scaffolding for adults to grow towards their full potential (self-actualization). The adult development framework lays out the process of full maturation as we shift from seeking the approval of others towards relying on our own inner wisdom. As adults, we begin to develop our own measures of success and become less satisfied with approval seeking. Knowing these stages of development can help us understand why we are feeling dissatisfied at midlife or why what used to bring great pleasure no longer does. Moving into a more self-authored life, requires repotting (physically or emotionally) so that one can continue to grow.

Expanding Emotional Intelligence

Employers today are hiring for attitude and emotional intelligence rather than skills. It has been shown that those of us with a higher capacity to read social cues accurately, show empathy, AND be able to regulate ourselves, leads to more successful lives. This seminar will emphasize the core elements of growing your emotional intelligence. Attendees will learn the core super power of emotional intelligence: the tools to FOCUS in a highly distractible world.

Dealing with Addiction (In the Self or in Others) Bootcamp

Addiction vs Bad habits will be defined specifically with a broad range of examples. Addiction as a family disease, it’s sign and symptoms and common emotional sequalae will be explored. Strategies for dealing with addiction in the self and with loved ones will be emphasized using evidence-based case studies.

The Magic of Mindfulness

When our minds are stuck in the past we are consumed with guilt, when stuck on the unknown future, we can become paralyzed with worry. Staying mindful in our frenetic country is not easy and we can use “busy-ness” as a way to hide. There is overwhelming evidence on the positive impact that mindfulness can have in a number of ways. This will include creating a healthy relationship with the unknown, with the past and future, by identifying problem ownership, by letting go of that which we cannot control. Strategies to begin a mindfulness practice will be taught and practiced.


Dominating Your Life: Entering Adulthood

For Emerging/Young Adults

This is offered for older teenagers (>17-24) and college age adults who are transitioning to adulthood. This unique transition becomes the backdrop on how to self-regulate, build emotional intelligence, form habits, set and attain goals, build a strong tribe, avoid procrastination and cultivate resiliency when adversity hits. The workshop will address individual concerns as they emerge from attendees.