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11 November 2012

Deploying Strenghts

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious — Albert Einstein

Our health care system is strongly oriented to “fixing” what is broken and categorizes over 36,000 ways the human body can go wrong.
Rather than ask what’s wrong in our lives we can pay more attention to what is working well…. to build on our strengths.

Is there a strength you have, which is easily identified by those that know you, that you can carry into the wellness realm? A client I work with is an enormously successful salesperson; masterful at building strong rapport, creating fierce loyalty, and getting people to purchase only from him. When he was ready to turn his life around to address his obesity and inevitable chronic illness, he applied his ability to ‘seal the deal’ to his weight loss and care of his body. He galvanized his business and relationship skills … warmth, discipline, focus and applied them to himself. He drastically changed his eating habits and movement patterns. Sixty pounds later, he attributes his success to creatively using his core strengths to achieve personal goals. Where he put his attention became his destiny.

Do you have strengths locked away in a silo, that you could be more fully deployed to help you solve a problem or make a needed change?

True Nobility is in being superior to your previous self —Hindu Proverb

To determine your top 5 strengths, take the Values-In-Action survey at the University of Pennsylvania’s Authentic Happiness site. You must register but the survey is free and generally accurate.

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