Wellness Pearls

24 July 2013

Self-Confidence and the Narrative Transplant

Straightening out The Inner Life: We Become What We Think About

self confidence

If we want to experience self-confidence on the outside, we must practice integrity on the inside. Self-confidence flows from a foundation consistent with our innermost thoughts. In this sense, we are self-made. We are where we are because of the thoughts we have allowed to occupy our mind. Whatever we thought over the last months or years we have become, as the result of all of those thoughts. Personal growth is not easy but there are ways to create inner and outer harmony. In my experience, it is an absolute requirement for successful living. If the narrative needs changing, change it.

I am working with several clients on long weight loss journeys and as their weight comes off, their self-confidence builds, and more weight comes off. In order for self-confidence to grow, a “narrative transplant’ is often required. That is, even though they may have struggled with their relationship with food for decades, they no longer are in a civil war with themselves.

I watch their confidence become unshakable by taking complete and purposeful control of the content of their conscious mind, disciplining themselves to focus only on what they desire, not what they fear or don’t want. This “narrative transplant” is a shift, an intentional movement towards a better storyline. Are you telling yourself a story that may not be good for you?

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