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17 October 2019

How to Stay out of the Halloween Candy

“What you seem to be, be really.
― Ben Franklin, 1744

1. Buy candy you hate.
2. Place all consumed wrappers in a glass bowl
3. Give out non-candy items  such as  cowbells/whistles/play dough/tattoo/stickers/Glowsticks etc
4. Remind self that fun size is adult size after 3 of them.
5. Decide to become the kind of person who doesn’t eat Halloween candy

  • Don’t rely on willpower- it weakens and is unreliable. Tie it to your identity

6. Determine what might really nourish you and do that.

  • Call an old friend, nature walk, clean closet, beautiful meal, massage etc.
  • Start a 30-day challenge this month to eliminate sugar

7. Write about all the reasons the candy is calling to you- then declare they are all BS and won’t help achieve anything worthwhile.
8. Decide that you want to control everything that comes into your body.
9. Visualize your blood glucose level skyrocketing, then turning your liver fatty, your insulin release will lock down your fat cells, adding to and imprisoning body fat.
10. Remind yourself that sugar is the new tobacco. It rises triglycerides and your risk of heart disease and obesity.
11. Eliminate by adding it to the NONSENSE category, along with the frenemies, sleep deprivation and impulsive drive thru fast food eating.
12. Decide you are worth more than eating junk, expect more of yourself.
13. Move to Europe where they don’t really do Halloween.

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  1. Carol Thelen

    I couldn’t figure out a smooth way to share this on to Facebook, so I posted the link to your blog post – – I hope many people read it and find out about you!

    1. Eileen O'Grady
      Eileen O'Grady

      Thank you Carol I was delayed in Syracuse yesterday for 2 hours so I did not have time to post it yet. you are the best! EIleen

  2. Jayne O'Donnell

    All good ideas! I have stopped eating added sugar (note: fruit, even dried, is ok) so i don’t actually crave sugar so am not tempted to start. Otherwise, i would have bought peppermint patties and Sweet tarts for the young ‘uns and turned light off early to binge! :)

    1. Eileen O'Grady
      Eileen O'Grady

      HI JAyne Well it depends on how many grams of sugar are in it and how much you are eating. a study I just saw shows that many of us are getting a huge % of calories and sugar from snacking. The Recommended Daily Allowance is 25 grams a day and that may be too many for some of us, even tho it may be met just at breakfast. It may not matter what raises our blood sugar and releases insulin, what we do know is the longevity and healthspan is linked to not having blood sugar spiking throughout the day. The goal is to keep the blood glucose level even through the day. in the future, we will all be using wearable and we will know in live time what we are doing, our glucose monitor will let us know in the moment Eileen

  3. Jon Barone

    Hi Eileen, thank you for sharing. Got a chuckle out of this :-) (not to be confused with the jelly candy, “chuckles”). All the best, Jon Barone

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