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10 February 2023

When the World Conspires to Help You

Everyone should have their mind blown once a day                            Neal deGrasse Tyson,  Astrophysicist

This winter, I spent an extended period of time on the other side of the country helping my brother through a medical crisis. It’s been a frightening time and I was not sure he was going to pull through.

The very first chapter of my book Choosing Wellness  opens when  I was 11 years old at his hospital bedside  when he was a teenager.  Fifty years later and I’m at  his bedside again as he fights for his life from multiple complications of intestinal surgery (coding on the OR table and sepsis to name a few).

What I noticed in this experience was how every single person I  spoke with, in the dozens, were exceptionally kind.

The flight attendants, the young man sitting next to me on the plane, the attendant at the train station, every single Uber driver, the guy working at BestBuy who helped me replace my brother’s lost phone, even the Verizon guy waived the SIM card fee and asked me to look at his glucose monitor!  Every single person working in that hospital, his neighbors who gave me keys, his girlfriend who took me out to dinner, my friends and colleagues that live in San Francisco who met me for meals. My siblings, family and friends all over the country who were in touch daily, The list is long and astonishing.

I had not encountered a single rude, troubled, or mean-spirited person during this whole ordeal. I don’t know if it was because I was looking for kindness,  or if they saw distress  in my eyes or I had  showed up with a grateful heart, or  because my brother is a really sweet person with no edge to him whatsoever and this is what he cultivates. What I felt most strongly of all was that the world had conspired to hold me and help me.   I felt carried.     I hope you do to.

Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.   Alfred Montapert

PS  He’s almost climbed the mountain top and soon coming down the other side to recovery as of February 10, 2023

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Wellness Ideas That Captured me this Month

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An agile  mind is one that is less stressed in the modern world.  It is good to discover  and be open to being wrong sometimes.   These are well written common  misconceptions that have corrections.  One can learn a lot,  perusing this  list.  I did not know that “irregardless” was a word and that waking up a sleepwalker will not harm them.  Also, did you know that the 5 stages of grief  are not  supported by peer-reviewed research or clinical observation?  Check it out!

Stay Well,   Eileen

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  1. Tony

    Your brother is a very fortunate man to have a sister such as you. As you are probably convinced, your care and support of him lifted him “over the mountain” and into the stages of healing. Perhaps everyone who you encountered was kind was because you are as well.

  2. Carolyn Buppert

    Eileen, I’m so sorry to hear that you and your brother have been through a rough time, and glad to hear you both are doing well now. He’s a lucky guy to have you as a sister.

  3. Helena

    And you my sweet friend are a chip off the old block from your kind-hearted brother. You are a model of compassion. Love – Helena


    What a beautiful story Eileen. I appreciate everything you have written since 2011. Met you at Keystone conference. Love that you attract the kindness which you exude. Thank you— Beth

  5. Kathleen McDermott

    Glad your brother is doing well, Eileen! He is lucky to have you help him through this difficult time. And it’s nice to know you observed so much good in the world during this trying time.


    Kathleen McDermott

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