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27 March 2024

Safe-to-Fail in Costa Rica

It’s not an experiment if you know it’s going to work.       Jeff Bezos

In 2021, amidst the chaos of Covid, I dreamed about how to revolutionize wellbeing. Conducting countless webinars across the US, I sensed the dire need for something more than ZOOM.  Teaming up with a trusted Costa Rican partner, I envisioned a haven where individuals could break free from self-defeating patterns and rediscover and prioritize their wellbeing.

Through three safe-to-fail experiments, I polished the concept of Wellness Weeks in Costa Rica. My sole objectives: to learn and to craft an unparalleled experience for participants. With each iteration, I returned home brimming with insights and joy, steadily building a tighter, more robust program. Feedback from nearly 50 attendees validated our approach, prompting continuous improvements.

The safe-to-fail methodology allowed me to lower the stakes, reduce fear and, redefine success.  By prioritizing learning and iterative improvement, both I and the participants witnessed tangible progress. Our promise became clear: a comprehensive exploration of evidence-based wellbeing practices tailored to each individual. Participants departed with newfound clarity and practical tools  on what needs to go and what needs to grow in their lives. We cover topics such as how to protect our peace (and deal with difficult others in our lives) how to deploy habit science, how to grow into a modern elder and become self-authored, and how to break out of patterns that make it hard for us to change (even when we want to).

So if you have a dream, set up a safe-to-fail experiment. I am so proud of what we’ve built and have utmost confidence that if you feel your life could benefit from a deeper exploration with other like-minded people, that this week will help you reclaim  and re-design your life at one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We have a few openings for December 2024.

Wellness Ideas

Leading is Dangerous

A fascinating take on why leading is so dangerous… and the tremendous loss when we undergo change.

Best of the Best

A map of the highest rated eateries and hidden gems  around the world based on best reviews.  Eliminate YELP grievance noise.

Two Travel tips

Next time you are overseas and have local currency left over,  take it to a local Starbucks and exchange it for a gift card to use when you return home. Or, donate it!

A friend was recently mugged in London-and his passport was stolen.  Don’t forget to always have a copy or digital picture of your passport someplace retrievable.

Use the Difficulty

Michael Caine’s  beautiful take on the stoic belief,  The Obstacle is the Way

100 tips for a Better Life

My Favorites:

  1. Discipline is superior to motivation. The former can be trained, the latter is fleeting. You won’t be able to accomplish great things if you’re only relying on motivation.
  2. If you’re under 90, try things.
  3. Keep your identity small. “I’m not the kind of person who does things like that” is not an explanation, it’s a trap. It prevents nerds from working out and men from dancing.

Stay Well,   Eileen

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