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06 May 2024

The Ripening

It is common to find ourselves at a crossroads, torn between the demands of our responsibilities and the yearning to slow down.  This struggle happened to a colleague who found herself excelling in a high-powered leadership role, stimulated, always learning, and she was very, very good at it.  Yet, she often felt drained with no free time to do what called to her.

Despite her best efforts, the weight of her responsibilities were unyielding, like taming a wild animal that refused to be subdued. She was ambivalent.  Continue on this path of interesting but intense work or to make the decision to slow down and pursue the tranquility she craved?

Enter the idea of ripening. She was not ready to decide.  So, over a year, she allowed her decision to ripen.  It’s a poignant reminder that growth cannot be forced or rushed.  Rather than hastily seeking solutions, she embraced the discomfort of uncertainty, understanding that forcing a decision would not dissolve her ambivalence … it would likely worsen it.

Ripening teaches us the art of patience and trust, acknowledging that the timing of our evolution may not always align with our desires. It’s an active process, not a passive waiting game, leading us towards our fullest potential, like a fully ripened peach.

A year later, clarity finally came.   A difficult merger was announced which helped ripen her decision to leave.  Her ambivalence evaporated.   Had she stayed on, the fruit can begin to rot on the vine, and so she left at her peak.

As Carl Jung astutely observed, we don’t always solve our problems; sometimes, we simply outgrow them.  I ask you: what aspects of your life need ripening? Perhaps it’s time to release the struggle and trust in the natural rhythm of growth, allowing yourself to ripen in due time.


  The Grateful Dead

Wellbeing Resources

The Worst Ocean Polluters

A study in Science  pinpointed some of the worst culprits of plastic pollution across 6 continents. An imperfect study carried out by 100,000 volunteers analyzed 1.8 million pieces of plastic found that 56 companies were responsible for more that 50% of plastic waste globally.

Use the S Curve to Grow Yourself

Disrupt complacency with continuous learning.  Learn. Master. Repeat.  Here is a novel solution to boredom and crankiness.  Also, my current favorite podcast hosted by Whitney Johnson, Disrupt Yourself.

Is Bach the greatest Achiever of All Time?

A short essay from one of the most curious, cross disciplinary thinkers of our time, Tyler Cowen.  (Also, another favorite podcast, Conversations with Tyler).

Keeping up with the English Language.

Miriam Webster added 690 new words to the dictionary.  Here are a few I learned:

  • kiss-and-cry noun : an area adjacent to a skating rink where figure skaters wait for their marks immediately after performing in a competition
  • edgelord noun, slang : someone who makes wildly dark and exaggerated statements (as on an internet forum) with the intent of shocking others
  • bussin’ adjective: extremely good : excellent; especially : delicious, tasty

Over-heard recently and still thinking about it….

There is no birth without blood, there no compost without S*&^T.

Stay Well, Eileen

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  1. Nancy P

    I think this is a remarkable wellness pearl this month, Eileen. I love the term “ripening” that you used, because it can apply to many aspects of our own life journeys. Thank you for sharing and as always, thank you for your wisdom.

  2. Eileen!
    I appreciate this wellness pearl immensely! I’ve been in ripening for a couple of years, allowing it develop slowly, not trying to hasten the process by putting myself in silos or coaching through the process, so I am very grateful for the reminders! It is always a pleasure to receive your newsletter in my inbox!

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